The Trauma Survivors Foundation understands the unique cultures of the emergency services.  A a Police Officer you understand the unique Law Enforcement culture requires a unique perspective when dealing with a traumatic event. We are so pleased to hear about your interest in working with our Critical Incident Response Strategies program and looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship. As a specialized Foundation, we are looking for the very best in Police Peer Counselors to work with Police Officers. We value our relationship with our network and view that relationship as the most important component of the Trauma Survivors Foundation and the Critical Incident Response Strategies program. We believe in partnering with Police Peer Counselors to deliver the highest level of services to the peer participants.

To be considered for participation in our network, the following requirements apply:
Minimum of a 5 years on the job service in Law Enforcement.
At least three years providing direct Critical Incident Response or Critical Incident Stress Management
Letter of recommendation from Clinical Director or CISM Team Coordinator
Letter of recommendation from Chief of your department
Proof of minimally 45 hours of in-person training in Critical Incident Response, Critical Incident Stress Management, Peer Counseling Programs, or similar training. Training certificates will suffice. 
Ability to routinely serve peer Law Enforcement Personnel within our on-call network

The Trauma Survivors Foundation regularly expands our Police Peer Counselors network to best serve our Law Enforcement personnel. If you are interested in applying for network participation, please complete the Prospective Police Peer Counselors Form (click the "Join the Network" button). We will contact you in the near future should we have an immediate need for a Police Peer Counselors in your area with your credentials. Otherwise, we will contact you to discuss training for the Critical Incident Response Strategies program and inclusion in the network.